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Creating culture in your team or business

Football Pass

Creating culture in your business or team is not always an easy task. So many variables go into building a culture that people enjoy being a part of.

One of the most influential aspects of culture stems from the business truth, ‘Action reflects leadership’.

No matter the role you play in your business or team, if you have people that desire to follow you, realize you are in complete control and possess complete ownership of your culture.

How you act, is how your people will act.

One of my clients, Tri-Starr Group, has an amazing group of leaders and team members that strive to perfect their culture in their business.

One of the most recent ideas that was created was the idea of a Football Pass. Basically, it starts with a leader indentifying a team member that meets the work ethic, core values and desires that meet the requirement of the team culture. In the monthly company town hall, they announced the first recipient of the football pass. In the process, it gives the passer (in this case the leader) some time to share the reasons as to why the recipient deserves the football. They share highlights about the employees work ethic, how their attitude or desire resonate with the companies core values and ultimately ‘pass’ the football to them. (no Brett Favre arm necessary, no need to relive a high school missed opportunity!)

A couple of magical things I have noticed come from this:

1. You honor the employee. Taking the time to Praise your employee in Public can never be done enough. It builds culture, relationship and long term desire on so many levels.

2. You edify your core values. Obviously, as you speak as to why the team member is deserving, you are highlighting the value of being a member of the team that exemplifies your business values. It indirectly, reiterates your values and shows others the value of striving for the same.

3. You create desire for a long-term mindset in your team. People naturally like to be bigger than something other than themselves. They like to feel ’on the team’ not just a person that shows up to work everyday, alone. They want to feel like they have a second family, when they leave their house in the morning, they want to feel excited and slightly rushed to get to work. Adding ideas like this to mix will help improve that long-term desire to stay employed longer due to good culture.

So, good for Tri-Starr. When I think about the experience I have with the employees of this company, there is a sense of camaraderie present. There are obvious struggles and hurdles to over come daily, but they do it with a sense of team and long term commitment their culture.

Great idea on the Football Pass, Tri-Starr Group. Might have to steal this idea!

For more information on Tri-Starr and their services, go check them out at

Their job is helping companies find the right people and they happen to be really good at it.

Be blessed.



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