Strategy & Consulting

"Sometimes you need a fresh perspective from someone willing to dive deep into what makes your business work."

- Brian Bohlke

Specialize in Strategic Relevancy 

What does it mean to be Strategically Relevant?
For most companies, it means evaluating the core competencies of your business against the most relevant demands of your current specific industry.  It means taking a step back in order to take a step forward, looking at what got you to where you are today and making sure you have the same rate of growth or better for the future.


What got you here?


What needs to enhance?


With a clear plan.


Ask yourself the right questions. Whether you are looking for help with your Business
or Personal Growth, here is a 
great place to start. 

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I have had the privilege to work with, mentor under and learn from some of the most respected business people in todays world.
I have used their expertise to learn and adapt to the ever changing developments of the world today. I bring this expertise every where I go.

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Individual Coaching


DMO's, Vision, Short & Long Term Goal
Training on Value of Game plans, Work Flows and Processes

Help establish actual step by step game plan for results

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Monthly Coaching



Options for 4 or 9 calls

Advanced Evaluation:

DMO's, Vision, Short & Long Term Goal
Supported Decisions:
Training on Value of Game plans, Work Flows and Processes
Assisted Execution of Plan:

Get support as you execute your game plan with constant review and analysis of each step you take.

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Corporate Consulting

Available Services:

  • Full Facilitated SWOT Analysis

  • Corporate Structures & Employee Position Review

  • Internal & External Workflow Processes

  • Product/Service Relevancy Breakdown

  • SEO/SMO/Targeted Ad ideas and Campaigns

  • Marketing Strategy/Campaign Analysis

Per Consult



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A Question:

As a business owner or new entrepreneur, there are decisions to be made in your business at all times, sometimes these decisions are simple, other times they can impact your GP dollars directly. These important decisions can easily have 10, 20 or 30+ variables that effects how and why you are making this important decisions. The main need most companies and/or business owners have is simple in its concepts, but rare in its availability.  In order to help understand my service, I ask you this, 
'Who do you have in your life that not only 
understands the decisions you're faced with, but who do you have that truly understands the 10, 20 or 30+ variables that directly impact your decision?'
That is what I do. I will strive to learn all the variables that effect your next important decisions and provide you credible, experiential  feedback. The solution often times is simply your confidence that your thought process and/or solution is in fact the right one for your business. You may have the answer, but having confidence in that answer is often times more valuable than the answer itself


Desire Change

Change is necessary,
change is sometimes difficult,
and change is inevitable to grow and prosper.

"One of the greatest investments I have ever made was in the personal development of me. I am a different person today because of the new perspectives and insights into life, relationships, parenting, business and spiritual life.I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over my lifetime into me. The best part of the investment is I decide my return on investment and I believe more importantly, I own my investment. No one can ever take my experiences from me.

Desire Change. Invest in you and your business, no one can ever take that investment away from you."

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