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Consistent Growth isn’t the only Journey you should be on.

You should be on 2 journeys at all times. One of Achievement, striving to attain the end goal and one of Transformation. Transformation is the journey that is normally most hidden. People know your identity that makes up who you currently already are, what they are looking for is to buy the journey to who you going to become.  

A life of leadership is not for everyone, but it’s definitely for some. If you are someone who wants to lead a team and have the inner voice to compel others to greatness...then this is for you. 1. Achievement is the obvious answer. Leaders want to win. Leaders want to make an impact and leaders want to show the world their capabilities through the success of others. This is most leaders in general. Congratulations, but it won’t make you stand out from the rest. 

2. Transformation is the secret sauce. Most good leaders are capable of leading people. But one characteristic that allow leaders to create that special level of ‘influence’ is consistent transformation. How are your growing? How are you challenging yourself to be better? What steps are you taking to stay ahead of the curve? How do you stay relevant in a fast changing world? What outside influence do you take in daily? Now many self proclaimed leaders will check the box that they are transforming daily simply because these type of leaders don’t like to acknowledge that they are any less great than the next leaders. Don’t be this type of leader. You expose your lack of leadership when you do this. Hear me when I say, great leaders know the value of transformation and we openly seek it daily. What is my favorite option and first go to for daily growth? Books. It’s the highest value of content with the easiest form of access. What book am I currently reading? The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell. As a matter of fact...I’m taking about 8 Executive Leaders from Corporate Clients of mine through the book with me as a book study. Why keep it to yourself when you can do it together and exponentially grow! So you want to take a simple litmus test on leadership? What book are you currently reading? Don’t know where to start?  

Here is my list of my Too 5 recommended books.

Have a great day!! Brian 

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