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Dealing with difficulties the right way.

Are you going through difficulty right now? 

How do you handle yourself during the difficult times of life?

If you’ve read any of my past blogs you know that I have had my fair share of struggles over the last few years. 

After being an entrepreneur for the last 21 years of my life, I want to share with you my #1 secret for helping me overcome life’s struggles. 


Reading does something magical to our minds. It’s has the ability to reach down deep into our subconscious and gets us to ask the hard questions of ourselves. 

That is of course if you are reading the right books. 

For years, I read the wrong books. I picked up what ever I could find that spiked my interest at the moment of seeking knowledge. It took me years to just learn how to find the right books for me to learn from. 

Luckily, those years taught me a valuable lesson. Not only is the content in the books I’m reading important for me to seek and study, but seeking and studying which books to read is almost more important. 

Don’t aimlessly or randomly pick up a book or let good marketing sell you a book that may not be right for you. 

But instead, research, study, review and ask others that can advise you. Don’t leave the time you will spend to read a book be left up to chance. Take a little time to find the next book that is right for you. Ask questions, read reviews and find a book that speaks to you. 

This isn’t to say, that some of the best books I have read were by luck or chance that I found them. But I had to find the type of books that I needed most and I still reviewed them before I devoted time to it. 

My top 5:

The Bible

Think and Grow Rich

Rich Dad Poor Dad

5 Levels of Leadership

21 Irrufutable Laws of Leadership

Bottom line, the best thing I have learned to do when life is tough, is read. Seek knowledge outside of you. Commit to it. Prioritize it as much as you would eating or staying hydrated. You mind needs food and water too. I’d dare to say more than your body does. 

I pray what ever problem is facing you now, you chose to conquer it. Address this problem for what it is, a challenge, not a result. You can learn, get better and beat whatever the challenge is. 

You are capable.

This current challenge is meant for you to grow through. 

Show the challenge how the new you will respond. 

Become better because of it. 

You will not ever regret becoming better because of the challenges your facing today. You may, though, regret staying the same. 




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