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Know your value...know your worth.

I have seen two great quotes lately. 

1. "You’re not paying me $10,000 for the last  hour I spent with you. You’re paying me $10,000 for the last 10 years that it took me to learn how to condense my value into the last hour I spent with you." 

2. "You don’t get paid by the hour. You get paid by the value you bring to the hour."

I have met so many talented people in my life. People that have the most amazing people skills. Seeing them make people feel so welcome no matter who the person is or where the interaction occurs is a value a lot of people posses!

I have also met some brilliant minded thinkers. People that can problem solve faster than others...things just click for these types and it's easy for them to see the bigger picture. When they are in a situation, its fun to watch these people because their first or second opinion normally takes a team multiple tries before they realize these thinkers were right from the get go.

I also enjoy the quiet people. This is a value and skillset of its own right. These are thinkers and they take the time to evaluate before they speak, ask questions when called upon or deliberate upon important details before providing their analysis. Having quiet listeners in your network or team is a value every corporation seeks to find. 

We all know the popular kind. The type of people that help the party get started. You know these people cause when they are not around, you hear people ask where they are. They bring life to a party. They are very social and can carry on easy conversations with others. They stimulate ideas and typically like to change directions quickly in order to be the first to finish line. Again, a value much needed on a team or pursuing your dreams.

There are so many types of values that people posses, but I will tell you the greatest value of them all:


​I was watching a football game this past weekend and I watched a special on a wide receiver names Lamb, he plays for the Oklahoma Sooners. When he came into the league, he was smaller, not confident lacked the ability to dominate as a receiver. Over the last couple of years, he spent a lot time in the weight room, built up his strength, speed and agility. He definitely has become a threat on the field, now in the running for BEST RECEIVER in the league. 

But there was moment that stood out to me in his video. There was a big play in a game last year, he made a huge block as a wide receiver. In the video, you hear him say, "that block made me realize I was big too."

Do you see it? Now HE BELIEVES HIS VALUE.

I told a friend of mine I was watching the game with, 'NOW he is dangerous. He not only in bigger, faster and stronger, but NOW his starting to actually BELIEVE IT.'


Many of you reading this are like know you have skills that are valuable. You know you bring a special skillset to the table, but believing it, owning it and living up to it is a lifetime journey we go on. 

Here is to today taking a leap forward in your belief in yourself. 

Spend sometime today documenting your value to the world. Go easy on yourself, being good at what others are good at is not how you will measure you value at the end of your life. 

At the end of the day, it is more important you value your skills, your additions and your contributions to the people around you...more than anything else. 

Know your Value. Believe it and Live it.

- Brian

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