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Fathers Love
This is probably the toughest parts of my life I will write about.

Being a son and a father are two different paths in life, both with amazingly similar lessons and truths, just revealed in different stories.

Being a father

I am currently raising a wildly awesome son, who is crazy smart and loves sports.  I also have two beautiful daughters.  One is a dance machine, so loving to others and loves to change her clothes 8 times a day.  The other is our rainbow baby and is still little, but is very bright and is very much like her sister and mom. Being a father is tough. Its also one of the most important roles in life.

Being a son

Raising a Son

Raising Two Daughters

picture of Brian and his son
picture of Brian's two daughters
Honoring thy father:

Having a father that is present in your life is a gift.  Having a father that sets a strong example in every aspect of his life, no matter the cost, who raises 3 kids seemingly without fault, shows unbelievable work ethic, respects your mother and loves the Lord, yea, my dad was the man. My dad was killed, unexpectedly in 2012. To make things worse we never found out who did it. This was tough. Real tough. It consumed me, my mom and my family. My dad was a strong man and helped so many people, so why someone would want to do this was and still is hard to swallow. But, I know where he is. He loved the Lord. Now I look for the lessons in life to learn from him. More importantly, I long to live a life he is proud of. This is why I dedicate so much of my time to Mens Ministry. Too many people deal with tough issues like this alone. 

"Its interesting that its not until you lose a parent, you try learn as much as you can from them, forced to only evaluate the memories you have left."

- brian

Lose of a child
The lose of a child

Losing a child is never something a parent is suppose to go through, but it happens. When it does, its tough, confusing and painful. How to handle the pain that comes with this journey is something that you cannot reflect back on any experience in life and take lessons from. There isn't a perspective that allows you to know what to do or how to handle it...we found our grace through the Lord, our friends, close family and others who have experienced this too.

It is also very different for men and women. Watching my wife experience this was not something I handled very well. It was hard to understand and honestly I was trying to handle me first. I have never really talked about this journey, but I feel its needed. One, for me of course as a process of healing, but two for others. This is a taboo subject, one people dont talk about much, I feel because it brings so much pain, its just hard for all involved.  I want to shed some light on how we fought through.

Fathering two Angels

Being a child of God

Knowing your Father

I was raised with incredible parents. I experienced God early on in my life. My parents made church a I learned to make Him a priority in my life. But how He actually shows up in your life and how your journey unfolds is different and miraculous for everyone. I'll be real transparent here, I got tired of the word Faith. The word faith was my biggest struggle. I remember having a dear friend of mine tell me a story of how God 'washed over him' one night. He immediately stopped drinking, changed his ways and now lives a life for the Lord, because of what happened on that night! I am jealous of that experience and I shouldn't be! Here is why, having an experience with God is tangible evidence. That doesn't therefore require as much faith. I think it would be easier to 'believe' with tangible experiences. Faith is a lot easier when it's not 100% belief in the unknown. So, over the last 8 years of my life I have had a TANGIBLE EXPERIENCE with God. How he showed up in my life, was tangible to me. I know many men look for this. It is how our mind is naturally wired. I hope and pray my journey opens up your eyes as why or how you can become a better son and get to know your Father better.

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