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First time playing golf with my daughter...turned into a spelling test life lesson!

And she loved it!

What a memory. One I’ll never forget. Can I say though, if my wife had not scheduled the idea, planned the day around other things and made this happen, I would have never had this. 

Men listen, often we get too caught up in our day to day activities. Ladies, if you’re a hard worker and take your job or business serious, then you’re the one that does this too. 

It’s way to easy to have a day go by and just be busy all day. Then you wake up and it’s 2025. Your kids are 7 years older, your marriage is 7 years older and you, very easily, blinked and missed it all. 

So, if you have someone in your life that is always trying to get you to slow down, listen to them. I know it’s sometimes hard, but it’s worth it. The golf outing reminded me of that...big time!

Let me tell you this last story that happened to me. Last week Thursday, I was having a rough week. Mentally, physically, spiritually,

I was a little stressed and that’s an understatement. By Thursday evening, my son and I were finishing up baseball practice and I was mentally checked out. I couldn’t even enjoy practicing with the boys. My mind was revolving around every small and big negative I was having to deal with and/or fix. The drive home was depressing. I get home and Jaclyn didn’t read my mind and make it all better sometimes we wish people could. Dinner was ready, kids were going crazy, bath time, dinner, etc etc etc. Parents you know that night and you’re just not feeling it. Then add on a bad mental attitude. Ugh. I was exahausted of even thinking. 

Then my wife says, at 830pm, as she walks by me with our baby in her hands wrapped in a towel headed for bathtime, ‘Landri has a spelling test tomorrow and she doesn’t know her words.’ 

You know what I said in my head, well you can imagine. I wasn’t in the freaking mood to do spelling words. I wanted to get the kids to bed and do the same for me. So I could finish this damn day and start over tmrrw.

That’s when it hit me. My daughter needs her daddy right now. And you know what, I needed my daughter then too. I needed to sit down and do some spelling homework with her. I needed it. I needed the reminder. I needed the emotion of fatherhood back at the forefront of my mind. 

I asked myself, have I gotten to a place in my life where doing spelling homework with my daughter isn’t in my daily priorities? 

If I answer that question with a yes, I’m a sucky dad.

I made the choice. For the next 45 mins we worked on her spelling list. The next morning, we double checked our work and she came home Friday with the brightest smile on her face. She was proud. She felt smart. She did great on her spelling test. That moment molds her for life and to think I almost allowed her to fail. 

Priorities friends. In the midst of all mental anguish. Work to keep your priorities straight. Be consistent. Your kid’s lives depend on it. 

A focused, consistent man.


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