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Slow down...your daughter is dancing.

I love this picture. My daughter actually found this on my phone the other day on the way to school and what she did next seriously gave me a gut check, the kind that really almost makes you sick, totally changes your demeanor, attitude and everything about your outlook on the day, just make you feel like your green in the face...You know...the best kind! She says, 'Daddy, daddy, do you remember this picture?', from the back seat of my truck on the way to school. She leans forward over my center console and shows me this picture. (we were in the drop off line, so she already took her seatbelt off, so don't As I looked at the pic, I said 'of course I do! What a cool picture!' She then proceeds, with an overwhelming joy and energy about her, she says to me, 'do you remember I was wearing the most beautiful dress that day!'

This is when my heart sank. Mainly due to the obvious fact, that my mind was thinking of the day, the confetti, the mess. What my little girl needs from me is a dad...all the time. Not a finance manager, not a day planner, a worrier or a weather guy (there are times for those men, in moments)...but, what she needs me to be is her dad...all the time. To be aware of this, be diligent of my thinking and attempt to think like her and do my best to be in the moments with her, everyday, all day. Dads, its a struggle for sure, and we will fail more than we succeed. One we are men, we are not women, so immediately the odds are stacked against us cause our brains don't think like they do. This is all the more reason that we have to be INTENTIONAL with every moment, to choose to be present in their life. Thank you sweetie for reminding me daily that you look to me as the most important man in your life. The reflection of what the man you will marry will have to live up to. I want to be the example of what 'being in the moment' looks like. I thank God for make me a better man. Love you Pretty Girl!

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