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Its sometimes too hot for catch with your son.

Play ball with your kids. I know it’s easy to allow the daily grind to overcome your mind, emotions and attitude.

You’re tired. Work can be very exhausting. Stress really takes a lot out of you. Early mornings, breakfast, making lunch, getting kids dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, homework packed up and hopefully out the door in time.

Only to head off to the daily grind of work and responsibility. Spending all day, really for your kids. Coming home, rush hour traffic, hot weather, cold weather, rainy weather, flat tires, bumper to bumper traffic and heaven forbid a fender bender that stacks up traffic for miles.

Only to come home to hungry kids, grumpy from school, tired and a little whiny. But a quick fill of their tummies, they’re right back to their usual selves!

Cook dinner. Clean the kitchen and hopefully take a moment to yourself to sit down and do the one thing that’s YOUR time. Watch tv, read a book, read a blog ;), Facebook..whatever.

Then it happens...’hey Dad, want to throw the baseball?’

We know the thing we are suppose to do. I believe it’s nearly impossible for someone to avoid ‘the inner voice’ that’s says get up and go. But we do. I do. It’s tough.

Here’s the bottom line. You gotta do it more than half the time. That’s my rule. Some days, I really am too busy, I have days that I have to get things done and it’s just bad timing. But I also have days of just being tired, a little lazy and kinda selfish to that private time.

I have to find that balance. My rule of thumb is to make sure I don’t add the lazy days to the busy days and let them stack. More than 50% of the time is a must.

Men, you especially. Whatever your kids are in to, get into it too. Even sitting and playing video games with your kids. Get into what they are in to. Make it a priority.

I’ll leave you with this, it always helps for me to think this thought when I don’t know what to do in the moment, ‘is my child gonna grow up and say I was a Dad that was always there to play with them?’

I want that answer to always be yes, for all 3 of my kids. I pray you do to. Your kids are worth it.

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