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When people's opinions matter...

Because I have to overcome what all the negaholics, dream stealers and pessimist of this world have say about what they think I do wrong, incorrect, fail at and or flat out think Im an idiot for doing.

Yup, it happens to me too..actually more often than you probably think. From people that I trust, respect and consider friends.

Does it bother me??? Of course it does. People that say it doesn't are cold and heartless.

And again, if Im wrong for it bothering me, I don't care what you think. Thats your opinion, this is mine and if I am being completely honest, I am totally okay with people's opinions affecting me, why??? I guess cause in a round about way, it reminds me that I care and I have a heart.

But what this is all about, stems from a picture my wife sent me this morning while I was at the made me stop in my tracks. I found myself a little overwhelmed with emotion, I sat down and just stared at this picture for a minute.

You see this picture represent all that is right with this world. Its why I do what I do. Its what allows me to overcome all the people that tell me I'm crazy, speak negatively about my choice of profession or flat out speak out against me publicly (Facebook), yet truly know very little about what it is that I really do.

This is why I read. People's opinions matter, but its how and why they matter is what separates my reasoning from others. I read cause most people don't. I read cause the opinions of others matter to most people like they matter to me, but I needed to learn how to fight through them. Not just act as if they don't matter, cause that doesn't really work. I had to learn how to truly fight through the emotion that is caused by what people say. There is a science behind that can be learned. I read that one day, I spent the next 14 years of life studying it.

Today, as I got this picture it reminded me of this journey. The reading, studying and constant pursuit to know more than the average person. To answer the questions, like why do people do what they do? Act as they act? Say what they say? Its in these questions that you learn how to overcome them and its in these books, written by people that have overcome way more in this world than I could ever dream of, that teach you HOW they did it. How they trained their mind to be tough, smart and creative. To overcome, pursue and persist against crazy odds. What allowed them to create greatness not just in money wealth, but in family, friends and faith. This, friends, is why I read.

So, as I look at this picture of my little girl staring at is what it says to me.

"Daddy, keep going.

All that matters in this world is this right here. I love you, no matter what. I don't know how you do it, but you are at home with me everyday. You take me to school and pick me up, everyday. You even get to hold my hand and walk me to my class, everyday. You never miss my dance recitals, my birthday parties or even when I rode my bike with no training wheels. You're home when I get home. You tuck me in bed, kiss me good night, say my prayers and ask me what my high and low for the day were, every day. I may not know it now, but I am proud of all that you do to be with me everyday as I grow up and one day I will tell you that.

Daddy, I don't know how you do it, but you do. Keep going."

I have spent the last 18 years of my life, reading, listening and watching any type of personal growth book, audio, VHS tape, dvd, cd, mp3, you name it, that I could get my hands on.

I graduated college from Texas Tech University with a Business Degree, started working for one of the largest financial institutions in the world, Wells Fargo. Found myself broke, $16,000 in credit card debt, living paycheck to paycheck and hating Sundays cause all it reminded me of was that my weekend was over and I had to go back to work tomorrow. I knew not everyone lived this way. I knew people could live a different life, one of time and financial freedom with great health to enjoy it. But I had no idea how to get it. This is when I met my first mentor. He was actually an old high school friend, a few years older, but I knew him. It was hard at first listening to a guy that I had previously known...I had ideas about him, ideas I later learned were way off...but I remember the day he asked me, 'Brian, what book are you currently reading?'

Wow, looking back, that question changed the course of my life. After answering him with a cocky, arrogant 'I don't like to read it makes me sleepy, I breezed through college just going to class and taking good notes, reading isn't for me', he replied, 'Brian, successful people read.'

What a true statement. Since that day I have learned to love to read. I have to. I wanted more time, more money and better health. I wanted to get out of working 60 hours a week for someone else. I wanted something different, I just had to now learn how.

Its been 18 wife and I decided to pursue Network Marketing as our path to financial independence...why? Well its definitely not because I am gullible, ignorant or bought in to a scheme cause I was too blind to know better. Quite the opposite. I chose Network Marketing because some of the smartest, wealthiest, most respected people in the world encourage it, heck some of them require it in their equation for success. These are people that have the time, the money and the health to do what ever they want. I read their books, many I had to read 4 or 5 times, but I read them. Im involved in the Wellness Industry. My company I partnered with is USANA Health Sciences, its flat out the best. Not because I drank the cool aide, but because I did the research. I read the books, looked it up and tried to figure out the best out there. I wanted a company that had products that everyone needed, so when times get tough, they get rid of their wants, not their needs. I wanted a company that had a product that was so exclusive and unique, no competitors could even compete and I wanted a company that had a consumable product or service, so people reordered monthly, creating residual income. I didn't want to inventory product, deliver or handle the money. I wanted a turn key operation, but it had to be legit with a great track record, publicly traded would be a plus!! I'd like to say these criteria were all of my own creation, but they are not. It came from a book I read of a gentlemen that had created a 7-figure per month income. It was the criteria he spent most of his life developing, put it in a book to share his knowledge, I borrowed it for my I have done with most of the books I have read.

My wife and I left our full-time j.o.b (its an acronym you know, for Just Over Broke). We resigned just after our first son was born. To this day our children have never known their parents to have jobs. They know we work, they know how the world works, we are teaching them different ways of thinking about money, tax breaks, wealth, residual income, family, love, time and freedom. Our children are our only priority in life. It is our duty to raise them and give them the best fighting chance to win too.

So why do I read? Cause I know that this is my one chance at life. I know I don't know it all and I definitely know that other people have done a way better job at life than I have. But I will say that one of the greatest lessons I have learned, from again following the guidelines of a book and calling the 5 wealthiest people I personally knew, asking to buy them lunch and simply listening to their journeys, I realized this, 'people with the time you want, people with the finical freedom you want, people with the health you want, people with the life you want are normally always willing to help you get there.' They will offer their advice, services, time and resources. You just got to be hungry enough to go get it.

Many of you that read my blogs are entrepreneurs. Most of you are hungry and working hard to build your business. I hope this encourages you in two ways:

1. overcome those that don't believe you or believe in you. They will never pay your bills, so don't ever give them your emotions for free. Know they will always be present. Even after you have created mega success, they will always be present. The best way to overcome them, is to become smarter than them. Read more books, learn why they are ignorant, so when they try to bring you down you immediately recognize their ignorance, you have read both sides of the story, you know the difference and you then can categorize their comments/gestures or reactions as such and not coming from a place of knowledge, research and information.

2. go back and look at my daughters eyes. Friends, this is what life is all about. Find that in your life and work everyday to achieve it. Go beyond your current state, read and pursue your day with vigor and excitement. Life really is an incredible gift. No one is going to do it for you. Enjoy everyday and work hard to better yourself daily.

God bless you guys....hope this help someone today.

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