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If faith was a scrabble many points would God give you?

Far to often, especially it seems lately, so many people are experiencing the greatness of the action of faith.  

For the record, fear and faith basically have the same meaning, it’s a belief in either the positive or negative unknown. So recognize the biggest separation between the two is the choice as to how you perceive whatever it is in front of you. 

We all know the tough part is when you’re in it, confronting it or facing it. 

What I find interesting is the phrase ‘Facing Your Fears’, but we never hear the phrase ‘Facing Your Faiths’. 

So what if you faced your faiths instead of facing your fears? What would change?

The whole philosophy requires the foundational belief that you accept that faith matters or even more importantly, you believe that faith is stronger than fear. 

I believe this: Faith is harder to have than fear. It’s why I believe it’s easier to face your fears than it is facing your faith. Having faith, a positive outlook on your circumstance, takes a conscious choice. Being that we are born sinners, with a sinful nature, naturally we will be fearful before faithful. So yes, we naturally have fear, we naturally then face our fears. It takes conscious thought to have faith, seek faith, believe in faith and face our faith. 

So if it’s true, if faith is harder to have than fear. Therefore naturally it’s harder to face faith than fear...and considering that most all things in life that are really worth it are harder to come by, would it be fair to say, that facing your faith would in turn provide better results than facing the easier of the two?

My point. Someone reading this right now is struggling with the fear vs faith concept in their life. This was meant for you, faith wins. 

It is indeed harder to have faith, believe things are working for the good for you, that God is there and has prepared His plan for your life to have a joyous outcome... somedays, faith is difficult to grab on to.

But do it anyways. Seek it intentionally. Have faith. It’s a daily struggle, but faith always wins. 


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