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Lightening hit my house and my neighbor caught it on video!

So the day our house burned down...obviously it was a chaotic next few days and weeks just getting out feet on the ground. One of the major issues was determining the cause of the fire. Originally, the Fire Marshall told me it would be determined lightening, many neighbors saw it and even a worker on a near by high school working on the roof, drove to my house and told the FM that he saw it was definitely lightening. But when you talk to the insurance people, they have to be more certain, cause they gotta pay for it. Thats when they told us, we will be doing a review of the lightening tracker system to make sure a bolt actually hit in the area around that time. Then a few days went by and my neighbor and I we talking and she said to me, I was recording the storm when the bolt hit!!! Yea, I was like, can you send that video to me???? WOW! God's favor. the time on the video was exactly 10 mins before my Alarm Company called me...give the fire 10 minutes to get going and set off the smoke alarm and there ya go...lightening caused the fire!

When I told the adjuster that my neighbor sent me this video, he said, 'can I see it? Do you have it on your phone?' So I pulled up and play it for which he responded, 'yea, thats a good video, Im gonna need that.'

It is amaing how God takes care of you! Check this video out!

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